Seriously, Just What is Going On In Our Texas Schools? (Part 2)

The Washington Times Reports:

These were the lyrics from the opening song, called “Feels Like Change,” reported by The Blaze: “Oh, I tried to believe in George Bush, I tried to trust. But it’s ashes to ashes now, and it’s dust to dust. Do you feel it baby? Oh do you feel it? It feels like change.”

As though that wasn’t enough, in a messianic style praise song they continued later in the program with this song from the same school assembly: “Hey, Mama, Obama. He got the mo’ jama. Talking about Americana. H-O-P-E, hope I get a new pajama … Obama, Obama we got the mo’ mama, we got the mo. Fujiyama, sing Obama from the top of Mount Asama. … You’re on a roll Obama, you’re on a roll.”

KPRC reports: (click here for video)


A Black History Month program at A Houston elementary school may have backfired after some parents complained that children were asked to sing a song with pro-President Barack Obama lyrics.

Isreal Palomo said his 8-year-old son took part in the program at HISD’s Katherine Smith Elementary School earlier this week.


“I got nothing against him, but I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t see why they should be indoctrinated about President Obama,” said Palomo.

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The issue has been discussed nationally by conservative radio talk show hosts, who are urging parents to complain if their children’s school offered similar programs.

Meanwhile, HISD released the following statement about the controversy on Friday:

“The song lyrics you received were used as part of an after-school PTO program celebrating Black History Month at Katherine Smith Elementary School. Students who participated had signed permission slips from their parents to participate in this after-school event. They danced to the music, but did not sing or otherwise recite the lyrics. Copies of the lyrics were given to the parents, but not the students. This program was organized by three first-year teachers, who mistakenly failed to get the principal’s approval to distribute the song lyrics. After reviewing the lyrics, the principal agrees that some of the songs were overly political and should not have been included in the program. The teachers who coordinated the program have been reminded that materials such as this must receive prior approval by the principal in the future. The principal apologizes to those who may have been offended by some of the lyrics that were included in the PTO program.”

However, other parents told KPRC Local 2 they had no problem with the song about President Obama.

“He’s our president. I see nothing wrong with it,” said one parent.

“I thought all the songs were positive,” said another parent. “I’m just glad they did something for black history month.”


UPDATE: Houston ISD has reported that the three first year teachers involved will undergo training and the superintendent does apologize and recognizes that political activity like this has no place in schools.



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7 thoughts on “Seriously, Just What is Going On In Our Texas Schools? (Part 2)

  1. what is going on in my state, i thought,we were some of a few that still see’s something wrong with this country, and now i am seeing stuff like this going on here. It needs to be fixed here first, then we can start on the rest of the country,to try and get back to the America that i grew up in.

  2. This reporter stated that parents were given permission slips to sign… She failed to state whether or not the ‘slip’ included in detail the content of the program. Also, with the amount of reaction, it’s obvious that the was more than one parent disgusted with the politicalization of our children. Why weren’t the other parents with this view interviewed? Why is not a white male reporter sent to cover the story? This story and the coverage of this story has race ajenda written all over it.

  3. It’s one thing to praise a sitting president…I get that. But to bash the previous president? Don’t tell me this WASN’T political and it was ONLY about Black History Month. Calling B.S. on this one.

  4. I agree , nothing but a political statement,,, there should be a total uproar,,, and dismissal of all teachers involved in this,,,they were sending a message of THEIR ideas instead of one of ” eyes wide open to the issues of what is killing our country”,, also feel if you want to think about it ,,,is it not a form of BULLYING to impose this on our children by someone bigger and older and with a lot of influence, can’t say no to the teacher could they?

  5. First of all – sounds like a poor song choice just based on the lyrics. I mean the lyrics were inane. Let’s keep teaching students that song lyrics can be written by any dope who thinks rhyming makes it poetry or a lyric. Have no idea about the music itself, but I’m betting it was some sort of rap or hip hop “melody.” Secondly, dissing George Bush was in such poor taste – and it only cements what some of us think about some in the teaching profession – they are morons and they give the good teachers a really really really bad name. The program sounds boring, stupid, and a waste of time when they could be teaching them something meaningful – like how to read.

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