CSCOPE is on its way out in Lumberton ISD!

by Jon Williams



We first brought you the story of Lumberton ISD’s use of the CSCOPE curriculum after the photo of female students in Burqas (Islamic Dress) went viral.


While there is nothing wrong in and of itself in play-acting and wearing costumes of those in different cultures, we discovered that the CSCOPE curriculum went further in its endorsement of the Islamic faith, degraded the Christian and Jewish faiths, and even called the men to flew the planes into the World Trade Center Buildings, the Pentagon, and Shanksville on September 11th, 2001 “Freedom Fighters” while simultaneously labeling the men who threw tea overboard in the Boston Harbor’s “Tea Party” as terrorists. It seemed Orwellian in nature to this Texan, and I wanted to get it disseminated out to as many Texans as possible, whether they agreed or not.

boston-tea-party                          a-second-jet-liner-is-seen-lining-up-with-the-world-trade-center-september-11-2001
Boston Tea Party “Terrorists”                                                 9/11 “Freedom Fighters”


I was called names by some. I was even told that I was experiencing cognitive dissonance over my inability to understand other cultures. (Even though I’ve lived several years overseas and amongst their culture and even have Jordanian, Iraqi, and Afghani hats which I wear in TEXAS in the worst El Paso dust storms – hey! Arabs do know what they are doing when it comes to blowing sand!) 🙂

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However, what I always came back to was that this type of revisionist thinking, alternative history, and thought experimentation may be fine for the halls of universities, but in our high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools, let’s stick to the facts. Let’s leave the Islamic dogma in Riyadh and let’s teach our students how to read, write, and do long division. Let’s debate the serial comma, not the Quran at the dinner table.

Off my soapbox and on to my point…

Two nights ago, the school board at Lumberton ISD convened a special commission to look at ridding itself of the CSCOPE curriculum. Perhaps it’s tired of the controversy. Perhaps it’s seen the light. No matter the reason, I’d like to think that we had something to do with that.

The readers, followers, and fans of I Am A Texan and You Know You’re a Texan When can give yourselves a big pat on the back. You’ve made a big difference in the lives of young impressionable minds in our great state.

I Am A Texan.

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12 thoughts on “CSCOPE is on its way out in Lumberton ISD!

  1. My children are no longer in school, but my Grandchildren will start soon. I have always thought C Scope needed to be taken out of our schools. We do not need our children indoctrinated! Thank you for sharing this and I would hope all Texas School Districts follow along with Lumberton ISD. We must all realize that there are those who are hell bent on slowly changing America “fundamentally” just as was promised during the elections and we as a FREE NATION cannot sit back and allow that to happen here!

    • Amen, Connie..God Bless America and may we use our schools for teaching the fundamentals and not promote other cultures and Homosexuality and such!Lets be okay with people from other countries but not change America for themand they need to learn English…which is really rightfully our language.

  2. Personally, I don’t feel that this type of teaching even belongs in our universities. To even begin to compare a protestation of higher taxes by a monarchal government on a commodity, tea, necessary to virtually every household in the Colonies, to the wanton destruction of a city/national landmark and the murder of thousands of people by a radical arm of a major religion is ludicrous. Ghandi was a “freedom fighter”, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a “freedom fighter”, Rosa Parks was a “freedom fighter” and the participants of the Boston Tea Party were fighting for the freedom from high taxation. I don’t believe that any of these individuals wished to do bodily harm to anyone, and in the case of Ghandi and King, Jr. actively spoke against violence.
    Teaching the factual nature of other cultures in school is fine. It is how I was taught 40 some odd years ago and it spurred my imagination as to how life would be in those other countries and made me want to visit them. (I was only able to visit a couple, but hope springs). Teach the facts of the time and circumstances of the relevant points of history. If a counterpoint is warranted, such as the British view on the Colonists wanting to be independent, then also present it in a factual manner. Never should we compare events in history, or even culture, from era to era as apples to apples.

  3. Personally, I think that if they want to experience the dressing like that, then go to that country and practice all they want. I do not want it here in my STATE, my COUNTRY or especially in my SCHOOLS. Go back to whence you came, or dress like an AMERICAN. I know sopme will oppose that, but just one man’s opinion.

  4. We have 4 children, 3 in school now. 1 graduating, 1 going into jr high, and 1 in kindergarten. We will be pulling the youngest out next year and begin home schooling. Then we will debate pulling our Jr high child.

    We are tired of the liberal influence and the lack of professionalism and skill of the faculty. If Texas has failed at anything, it’s been maintaining the integrity of our schools.

  5. I live in Lumberton, Texas. I grew up here. I attended and graduated from Lumberton High School. My son had this particular teacher and this particular class in his freshman year at Lumberton High School. I asked my son about this class, the teacher and the lesson. He said that the class was invited to try on the clothing. No one was forced to try it. He said that he was not taught that HE should call the 9/11 terrorists freedom fighters, but that some Islamic people believed they were freedom fighters. He did not feel that the lesson was any big deal at all. He felt that the teacher presented it exactly as it has been described … a lesson in other cultures. He did not feel in any way that he was being indoctrinated. He is a senior this year and he said that a lot of the information presented in the media has been taken out of context or blown out of proportion. The teacher has been unfairly maligned by teaching concepts of which she had no choice.

    CScope is inappropriate, it’s true. I do hope that LISD stops using it. That’s just one school district however. I believe the figure of public schools across Texas which have adopted it is around 80%. However, LISD has repeatedly denied that this lesson is from CScope. Having received a copy of the CScope lesson, I believe that’s true. The CScope lesson included passages from the Koran. The lesson which was taught did not.

    Here is the fact that everyone has overlooked in all of this. The mother who made the initial complaint was upset that her daughter was made to sign an incident report by the school the day after the picture of her and her classmates wearing the burqas was posted on Facebook. The mother was furious because her daughter is not old enough to sign anything and she felt that the school should have contacted her.

    Now, a few words from my son:

    As a student who has taken that class I can say that I was NEVER indoctrinated into believing that the terrorists were freedom fighters. The teacher whom taught the lesson didn’t force anyone to where the garb. It was optional and it was just part of showing the culture. You know, the thing that should be taught in a world geography class. People keep using the same falsities over and over again without making sure they get real facts.

  6. After reading these few antagonistic remarks about CScope litte has been included on the strong aspect of instruction and historical knowledge therein. It seems purely emotional and tht restricts any refflective thinnking or knowledge. This is nothing but “jump on the bandwagon ultra-conervative” anti-education. We need to ensure we look deeper rather than just skimming the top. It is a serious issue but the overall balance is nothing different that books,newspapers and how history is help in perspective and personal interpretation. There is more to CScope than the blogging. If Lumberton does cancel this curriculum/management system, it is a mistake.

  7. As a Texas teacher for the past 14 years, 6 of which I used the Cscope curriculum I agree that there is a lot more to Cscope than this. There are some good things but mostly there is a lot more wrong!!! As a teacher I detested Cscope, especially the math and science portions for elementary. I never was required to use the reading/language or social studies but heard from colleaugues that did use it that it was equally bad. I hope all Texas schools will get rid of it. Unfortuantely, I think districts have paid big money for it!

  8. ANYTHING OBAMA wants and pushes for is NOT GOOD for AMERICA or AMERICANS. I do not care what some say , cscope was done under a veil of secrecy, the teachers had to sign a paper and were told NOT to talk about cscope. Explain to me and any one else that would be interested if it is a GOOD thing why would it be done in secrecy?? EVEN THO THE TEACHERS WERE TOLD not TO TALK ABOUT IT THEY DID BECAUSE THEY REALLY HAD no IDEA EXACTLY WHAT THEY WRE GETTING INTO and were very upset about what they were supposed to teach.We are a CHRISTIAN country, irregardless of what obozo says we are NOT an islam country which he would love , and plans on us being if he can dumb ENOUGH PEOPLE DOWN to that fact.CSCOPE very definitely needs to be removed from ALL TEXAS schools, go back to teaching what is important , who cares how other countries live I don’t I am very HAPPY with my country . TEXAS teaches tacks and that is ALL the kids learn basically , way past time to stop that crap as well.

  9. I am so excited to see a School District take a stand against C-Scope!!! I firmly believe it is wrong and we should get back to teaching out children reading, writing, and Math. I as a Mother hope to get out School Board to take a stand also!! Thank you for the encouragement and hope!!!!

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