An Extraordinary Texas Teen – Showing the World What Texas Has to Offer

As we have built up I Am A Texan, we have gotten to know some pretty extraordinary Texans. One of whom is Hunter Wellen, an amazing teenager from Central Texas who has pledged to give us all a taste of Texas every day. I asked him to write a little bit about himself so that we could all get to know this amazing Texan a little bit better. And we should, because it wouldn’t surprise me if one day he is the official state historian of Texas! His response is below. Enjoy!

Jon Williams


A Little Bit About Me
by Hunter Wellen

My name is Hunter Wellen, born and raised in Temple, Texas. (Temple is about 60 miles north of Austin and 30 miles south of Waco on I-35)

Hunter wearing one of the Texas Tees available at I Am A Texan.

While you’ve probably never heard my name, you’ve probably seen my Facebook page “You Know You’re A Texan When”. Last year I joined a group called “You know you’re from Texas when” on FB and I enjoyed reading what everyone had posted on the group. There was so much about Texas that I didn’t know about, and I suddenly had a big interest about learning the history of Texas. But one day, when I went to check on the group, I scrolled down and saw a lot of nude and rude pictures. I was just shocked that someone would post those kind of things like that on the group. I quickly got off Facebook so I didn’t have to see them anymore. I was hoping that the admin of the group would see them and remove the photos, but I was wrong. The next day I went back on and noticed a lot more people were posting those kind of pictures. And the admin wasn’t doing anything about it. I noticed the amount of people on the group was declining. It had at least over 300,000 members and the group had decreased by at least to 297,000 members in just 2 days. I decide not to get back on it and wait a couple days just to see if anything had been done. A week later I finally went back on it. I checked to see how many people were on the group still… and found out it had decreased to 250,000. I was so shocked that at least 50,000 people had gotten off the group. I looked at the feed and all I saw was nude and rude pictures all over again. I realized that I need to get off this group so I don’t have to see these kind of pictures anymore. I was so sad because this was the only group on Facebook that I really enjoyed being on.

When Hunter isn’t working on his Advanced Placement classes in high school or working on his Facebook page “You Know You’re a Texan When”, he enjoys drawing. Here he is drawing Texas Flag art.


Then, all of a sudden I got a sudden urge to make a Facebook Page. I was trying to decide on whether to call it “You Know You’re A Texan When” or “You Know You’re From Texas When”. But I decided on “You Know You’re A Texan When” because it just made more since to me. Once I made the page, I invited some of my friends and family to like it. In the first two days I had about 50 likes. I was so happy! I really enjoyed posting about my love of Texas on it. Then about a week later I noticed I had well over 500 likes. I was shocked to see such a number on my page. I was trying to figure out how in the world I gained so many likes. But I never did. As I kept on posting pictures and writing posts I had gotten a lot of messages and posts about how I make their day. I was so surprised that what I post had made someones day a better one. Once I read the messages from some of the people, I thought to myself. I made this page just for the fun of it and to show my love for Texas, but I had touched so many peoples lives with the things I posts. I realized that I need to post on it everyday. After about a month later I had at least well over 1,000 likes. Something that I never thought would happened. As I kept on posting every single day I realized this is something I love and enjoy doing. I promised myself that I would post every single day. Making someones day is something I enjoy doing. Today, it has been a year and 1 month since I had made the page. It has over 115,000 likes. Never in my lifetime i would have thought that my page would have such an impact on someones lives. I have learned so much from doing this also. There has been so many things about Texas that I didn’t know about. And as for a 16 year old. I am trying my best to keep this page as one of the best Texas pages on Facebook. With school and everything in my life i still have kept my promise to post every single day. I try my hardest to keep all the people off my page who post nasty pictures and rude posts. And to keep it from repeating what had happened to the group before. Which is now gone. And also by making this page I have gained so many more friends. They have made my life better and I thank them for all that they have done for me. Y’all dont know how much this means to me. Thank you.

Hunter, a few more questions:

1. What are some of your hobbies other than running your Facebook page?
My hobbies are drawing, singing, traveling, and to hang out with my friends and family.

2. Is history your favorite subject in school?

History is absolutely my favorite subject in school! I have always liked it.

3. Looking forward to college, what school(s) are you leaning towards?

I am actually pretty excited and nervous at the same time. I am actually thinking about going to Temple College for the first 2 years. And the next 2 years go to UMHB.

4. What interests you as far as major and career?

I am leaning towards to become a Social Studies teacher. Maybe even teach Texas History. But you never know. I could change my mind in two years.

5. What’s your favorite food?

My favorite food is actually Macaroni and Cheese! It is so good! Also I love Brisket!


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6 thoughts on “An Extraordinary Texas Teen – Showing the World What Texas Has to Offer

  1. You are doing a great job. I am a transplanted Texan in the frozen north and love reading and keeping up with my home state. Thanks.

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