My dear fellow Texans: A personal letter to everyone who reads this website

by Julia Robb


I’m writing this message to you in the form of a letter because it is very personal to me.

My blog, “The Real Reason Texas Rebelled Against Mexico,” was printed yesterday in the Heart of Texas Blog.

In the last paragraph, I wrote Hispanic Texans fought with Anglo Texans against dictator Santa Anna and his army.

I should have put that paragraph at the beginning of my piece because some Hispanic Texans did not read the entire blog and their feelings were hurt.

They thought I was attacking them, rather than Santa Anna and his government.

I hate that. I don’t like people hurt.

I was also sad some Hispanic Texans and Anglo Texans ended up attacking each other in the comment section on facebook.

I’ll have more to say about that at the end of this blog.

But now, I want to tell you about Hispanics who fought for Texas.

Nine Hispanic Texans died at the Alamo, fighting against Mexican forces: They were Juan Abamillo, Juan A. Badillo, Carlos Espalier, Gregorio Esparza, Antonio Fuentes, José María Guerrero, Damacio Jimenes (Ximenes), Toribio Losoya, and Andrés Nava.

Brave men.

Juan Seguín (for whom the town of Seguín was named) would have died at the Alamo, except he was ordered to carry messages to other parts of Texas.

But Seguín’s real heroics began after the Alamo fell.


In 1835, Seguín joined the Mexican rebels who fought against the dictatorial Mexican government, and when that cause failed, raised a company of men and joined the Texas Army.

Seguín’s company scouted for the revolutionary army and fought in the siege of San Antonio.

Seguín and his men also functioned as Sam Houston’s rear guard and he and his company were the only Hispanic Texas unit to fight at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Later, Seguín was San Antonio’s military commander and it was he who directed burial services for the Alamo dead.

Seguín resigned his commission when he was elected to the Texas Senate.

Unfortunately for Seguín, he had conflicting loyalties and fought against the U.S. during the Mexican War.

But that does not erase what he did for Texas, and he is buried in the town bearing his name.

Finally, here is a shining example of how people should treat each other.

This account was written by Dr. Joseph Barnard, one of the Goliad prisoners. (If you don’t know about Goliad, read yesterday’s blog).

Señora Alavéz, wife (or girlfriend) of Mexican Army Captain Telesforo Alavéz, was at Goliad and saw Mexican soldiers tie prisoners so tightly it stopped their circulation.

Señora Alavéz persuaded the guards to untie the prisoners and made sure they had food and water.

When Señora Alavéz discovered Santa Anna had ordered the Army to shoot the prisoners, she pleaded with one of the Mexican officers to save them.9780823941094

Therefore, “A few of us, in consequence, were left to tell of that bloody day,” Barnard wrote, adding “during the time of the massacre she stood in the street, her hair floating, speaking wildly, and abusing the Mexican officers, especially Portilla. She appeared almost frantic.”

Señora Alavéz also “saved others by her connivance with some of the officers, who had gone into the fort at night and taken out some whom she had kept concealed until after the massacre,” Bernard wrote.

Señora Alavéz was “The Angel of Goliad.”

True, the Angel of Goliad was not an Hispanic Texan, but that makes her even more admirable.

The angel saved men her country considered enemies; acting from pity and compassion.

Now folks, here’s what else I want to say to you.

Let’s base our behavior on the Angel.

Some of the (Hispanic) readers who responded to yesterday’s blog were hurt and angry and some Anglos responded to the Hispanics with more anger and with harsh words.

That reflects the larger Texas culture.

Many Hispanic Texans feel rejected and misunderstood, and many Anglo Texans are defensive about Texas history.

It’s time to stop all that and accept and support each other, and love each other, and treat each other with compassion.

Texas would not be the same without Hispanics. What would we do without enchiladas and tacos, and the names of our towns; San Antonio, El Paso. Lamesa, Mexia, San Angelo, among many others.

Don’t you love the rivers with beautiful Spanish names: The Rio Grande, the Rio Frio, the Rio de los Brazos de Dios, The River of the Arms of God.

What would Hispanics do without the wide sweep of Texas land, and their history in this land?

We are one people. We will always be one people.

Love each other.

Julia Robb is the author of Scalp Mountain and Saint of the Burning Heart, ebooks for sale at She can be reached at,,, goodreads, pinterest, twitter, Facebook, and amazon author pages.


12 thoughts on “My dear fellow Texans: A personal letter to everyone who reads this website

  1. Beautiful response!! Texas has great people from both sides who should be remembered and help in hight regard! Thank you for your blogs, I enjoy reading them!! People need to read an entire article if they want to comment!! Taking things our of context is not good!!

  2. The cultures of all the good people previously occupying the land we now call Texas are a part of our fabric and should be celebrated by all true Texians. Unfortunately, there are those who would disrupt and destroy and who have no appreciation for the Texas or United States Constitutions, the rule of law in general or history. God Bless Texas! …and thanks for your blog. Well down.

  3. I just wanted to thank-you for the wise thoughts and educating letter. It really makes ne think that, regardless of differences, we are one family under God. …with liberty and justice for all…

  4. I just wanted to thank-you for the wise thoughts and educating letter. It really makes me think that, regardless of differences, we are one family under God. …with liberty and justice for all…

  5. I would very much like to say, we Texan’s are all Texas it doesn’t matter our heritage is- TEXAS we are different than any other state in that we were once a Nation on our own. We together Hispanics, whites, blacks, Native American’s (who were here from the beginning). Let’s not fight let’s be ONE STATE for rembember “Together we stand divided we fall.” We all make TEXAS – Texas the LONE Star State we all fill that Lone Star.

  6. I used to work with a woman whose ancestors came to Mexican Texas from Ireland and Germany because the US wasn’t very friendly to Catholics at the time. She and I went to a business conference in San Antonio. We stayed at the Menger, visited the Alamo, ate on the Riverwalk and shopped at the Mercado. She told me a lot about Texas history, including Juan Seguin. What I don’t recall was if she knew if any of the Anglo colonists ended up siding with Mexico? Can you tell me? Thank you.

  7. In part I believe why Hispanics get angry although for the most part they love America, it is the bigotry they have to suffer from their White brothers and sisters who are not willing to understand the ways of the Hispanic culture in America just like White people want Hispanics to understand why innocent illegals get deported since I believe not all are evil people that are out to get White and have them for fajitas. They are just escaping poverty and cruelty of the rich that exploit them and want better lives, but hey, I agree with deportation only so they can make it right. The past is the past and a new chapter has begun for Mexico and a new chapter has begun for America.
    However I will mention a few complaints from my brothers and sisters that I have heard, an d these are their complaints:
    To the White people it’s no big thing in what they did forcing Mexico to give up it’s lands for 15 million dollars in the name of slavery. President Polk coveted Mexico’s land and as if all the states in the Northern part of the Rio Grande weren’t enough, he also wanted the northern states of Mexico on the Southern side of the Rio Grande but unfortunately he didn’t and was pissed off.
    On top of that, what White people call their lands were lands that at once upon a time, belonged to Mexican owners, who were forced off their land. There’s all these movies giving props to Davy Crockett and what about the 300 or 350 Mexicans who helped in the fight that recognized that America was going to be a very powerful and wealthy nation?, not much.
    Of course we have the right to get angry because of the way we are stereotyped and discriminated, especially with this illegal immigration problem, all lot of us suffer hate from those that holler we the people and U.S.A.
    White people don’t know and do not understand the sting of defeat and having their lands taken away by another more higher and more powerful nation. We can’t leave in peace with out having to see a sign that says all brown people go back to Mexico, or negative remarks like we took Texas away from you dumb Mexicans, or if ain’t White your not American and stuff like that.
    Well, these are the complaints hopefully a lot of you can understand and please remember That the God who created all of us is was Jewish reincarnated in flesh. I’m proud to be American but it’s not easy being Hispanic. I hang the American flag everyday outside of my duplex and the only American flag waving in my “Barrio”.

    • Well said. As a tourist, Mexico has the friendliest people i have been to. yes i realize most of the people i met were working as help or sales type people but they were good business people because they would give you information you needed even if they were real busy and if they were restaurant workers they would come back to see if you were in need of anything else, EVEN after you had given them their tip. they were making sure that you wanted to come back to Mexico. other countries i have been to no way were they that friendly.


  8. Tim you hit the problem on the head when you talk about “white people”, which proves you are prejudice and it is people like you who instigate racial division. Mexicans are not a race unto themselves and are actually considered to be “white”…..there is no brown race!…And one more thing, you talk of white people stealing the lands…read your history and then tell me who the Mexicans stole the lands from…..Stereotypes…you made yourself who you are with no one else to blame!

  9. Prejudice? No. I have many a white cousins and I love them. Instigate? No. The complaints I stated from my people were only to inform others about how they felt. It was not my intention to provoke, instigate, or incite. And you’re right, it’s because of the European blood, although mixed with indigenous tribes, are considered White. In fact my skin is really brown, but my birth certificate states that I’m White, but that won’t help when a cop profiles me because of my skin color like in Arizona.
    I never said or meant to convey that White people “stole”. I said “forced off” and “taken away” because of Mexico’s debt to America. America as a nation purchased not stole, but according to my Texas history teacher, most Anglos took occasion to do as they wished because of the culture barrier. Whatever land Mexico took control of was land already conquered by the Spanish Crown. However, to make a long story short, Guatemala granted land to Mexico (which is the state of Chiapas) due to all the land Mexico lost in the north. But only God allows how far a country can conquer. And Mexico is still a nation by God’s grace.

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