2 thoughts on “Fort Hood Shooting Victims Hit With DoD Gag Order

  1. Sorry, but this is how the military works and has always worked! Ask anyone who has been rapped while in the military. The ones that were attacked, the gag order was always on the ones that things happened to…while the perpetrator is always the one that is given all rights to do what they want and slander your name and go outside and get a better lawyer and the other is made to use the military lawyer.

  2. Please don't use my name, as i don't need the FBI; CIA; IRS coming down on me, a Great-Grandmother who has put into Soc.Sec.59yrs. |

    Well then let’s call 9/11 workplace violence. Just because it happened in Texas, victims are being shafted. Remember NASA; the Humvee factory out of Katy,TX & the West, TX accident; the pipe line to make more jobs & too much more to print. We need a ”COFFEE PARTY” to “WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!”

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