The Great Dust Bowl of the Texas Panhandle

Hey! I wanted to come y’all that I had to write a college paper the other day of my favorite place. I currently live in Missouri, but I was born and raised in Texas. I thought I would share my essay paper with you!

— By Amy Barnes Jordan


The great dust bowl covers a wide range from eastern New Mexico, Kansas, the Oklahoma panhandle and the Texas panhandle. I was born and raised in the Texas panhandle. It is my favorite place to be. From the wide open range to the never ending sky, the Texas Panhandle is not only my favorite location, but it is also what I call home.
As you enter the Texas panhandle, the first thing you see is the landscape, and how it resembles a scorched desert. The land is flat and rugged. You can see as far as the eye can see. Tumble weeds roll ungracefully across the dry, desolate landscape. Trees are scarce, and ones that have survived look as though they are screaming for water. Most would find this type of landscape repulsive, or an eyesore. To me, it is the most beautiful place in the world. Not only do you notice the dry, scorched earth, but you quickly notice something that strikes awe within you; the Texas sky. Whether you are driving in the morning, evening or the middle of the night, you can always find yourself intrigued by the Texas sky. The sunsets and sunrises are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. At night, you can see every single star with great detail. Hence the song lyric “The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!”

To be in Texas is to feel like a big warm blanket has been wrapped around you. From the weather to the way people treat you, you will always feel a warm welcome. In my hometown of Panhandle Texas, people wave at you as they pass you on the street. Whether they know you or not, you are a friend of theirs.

No one knows a stranger, and they are always quick with a smile and a “Hey y’all!” Not only do the people make you feel at home, but just step right into my grandmother’s kitchen and scoot yourself up to the table, and be prepared to understand what southern hospitality, and southern comfort mean. My grandma’s sweet iced tea is legendary, as well as her mouthwatering cooking. I recommend the Sunday dinner of roast beef cooked to perfection.


That leads me to the smells of Texas. Just thinking about the smells strikes a nerve so deep in my heart that I am overwhelmed. I can smell the wildflowers and the gently plowed earth as the gentle breeze blows out of the west. I can also smell the cattle feed lots that blow in on that same wind. When I would complain about the smell, my grandfather always told me “Honey, that’s the smell of money.”

In conclusion, there are many things to love about the great dust bowl of the Texas panhandle. From the sights, the smells and the feeling you get once you have spent some time there, you will never want to leave. I live in Missouri now, but I will always call Texas my home sweet home.


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6 thoughts on “The Great Dust Bowl of the Texas Panhandle

  1. Amy Jordan described well the feeling of West Texans, at least the ones in love with that part of the great state. Those from that region are NOT fence setters. You can be OK with Lufkin, College Station, Paris, Ft. Worth, or almost any other region of Texas, but you are either totally in love with west Texas, or you simply hate it……..there is no middle ground.

  2. Amy, if you don’t stop making me cry, I am going to turn into a perfect onion. Your essay is wonderful and so true. I am so proud to have been a part of your childhood, and I will never ever forget it. We had a great time, didn’t we? Will always love you. Granny J.

    • Grandma, I dont mean to make you cry. :/ My childhood with you was a perfect one. Your house is my home and it is what keeps calling me to come back. (This is the grandma that I referred to in my essay) I’ll make it home someday, and you and I will sit outside on the patio, drinking sweet tea and feeding the squirrels while Lindsay mows the grass! Lol I’ve been homesick for 11 years. Time to make my way home. Tell everyone to keep an eye out for a crime scene analyst job and I’ll be there in two shakes of a goats tail! As grandpa would say, before he pushed us grandkids around in the wheel barrel, “Here we go we go!” 🙂 I miss and love y’all with all my heart!

  3. Must say I got kinda teary eyed reading this.. I drug my husband here from Houston and he just doesn’t appreciate it like a true Panhandle Texan would,.. We travel the country doing tattoo conventions and although I have been to some beautiful places I always love the feeling I get when I pass the Texas line into the Panhandle.. I love the scenery and the never ending skies..Sweet tea is to die for, I just don’t understand when we go somewhere and I ask for sweet tea and they look at me like I’m crazy especially when it’s a place is still in Texas.. I think we also have the most pride as Texans.. I told my husband if we ever move outta Texas (I hope not), that he better make sure I’m in Texas when I die (and hopefully it’s the Panhandle)

    Amy, what are you thinking being away so long 11 years would be like eternity..

  4. Yes Amy what a great essay.. I was born on the coast of Texas, but now live in East Texas.. As a kid I hated it, because I wanted to stay with my grandparents.. If your a Texan anywhere in Texas is Great.. I couldn’t imagine liveing in any other state!!!!!!

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