A Mother’s Prayer

(Fort Worth, Texas)

Did a mother’s prayer for her son save five or more lives? Read this article and decide for yourself.

When Jestin Anthony Joseph walked into a McDonald’s and asked for a cup of water, that’s not all he was after.   Witnesses say the 24-year-old soon pulled out a gun and pointed it at employees and customers — who were with children — demanding their possessions.   Fort Worth police say surveillance video shows Joseph pulling the trigger at least five times while pointing it at individuals inside the restaurant — but the gun wouldn’t fire.   At least one man tried to wrestle the gun away from the Joseph, who then went outside and fired a shot into the air, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram says.

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As people ran from the restaurant, Joseph went back inside and again pointed the gun at individuals and pulled the trigger.   Again the gun didn’t fire, police said.   So Joseph went back outside, pointed it at a passing vehicle, successfully fired two rounds in its direction, and witness say the driver never stopped, according to police.   Joseph was soon captured, police say, adding that no one was injured in the Tuesday night stick-up and there’s no explanation for the gun misfiring.   “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” robbery Sgt. Joe Loughman told the Star-Telegram. “It must not have been their time to go.”   Jospeh’s mother agrees, believing the gun malfunctioned “because we were praying,” she tells the Star-Telegram. “Last night I told God to keep Jestin, and that’s what I do believe happened. I did not know he even had a gun.”


Joseph’s mother, who asked not to be identified, went to police about four hours before the robbery and reported that she feared her son was suicidal based on a phone call with him.   “He said, ‘They’re trying to kill me, Mama! I’m going to die tonight! I’m going to die tonight!’” the mother recounted to the Star-Telegram, adding that Joseph may have been experiencing a mental breakdown like his father did a few years ago, a condition she says runs in his father’s family.   “The only thing I can say to you is that was not my son yesterday,” Joseph’s mother said. “He was not in his right mind.”   KXAS-TV conducted a jailhouse interview with Joseph on Thursday in which he said he “lost it,” but added that the gun was loaded but not cocked and that he had no plans to hurt anyone.

Joseph tells KXAS that he started hearing voices Sunday night, continues to hear them, but hasn’t been treated for mental illness. He also told the station he was angry, believed people were after him, and went to the McDonald’s to steal a car and get out of town.   Asked if there was a better way to handle his anger, Joseph told KXAS, “No.”   Joseph was in jail Wednesday night on outstanding warrants and on suspicion of five counts of aggravated robbery, with total bail set at $500,000, the Star-Telegram reports. piers-morgan-jackass

Police have had previous dealings with Joseph, who’s from Allen, Tex., about an hour northeast of Fort Worth. The Star-Telegram says he’s been collared for possession of drug paraphernalia and a narcotics-related warrant and for assault, the Star-Telegram says.   “In some of the other contacts we’ve had with him, he kind of lives a transient lifestyle,” according to Sgt. Jon Felty, a spokesman for the Allen Police Department, adding that Joseph was known to travel by bus. “He’ll come stay a while. Then he’ll be gone a period of time. Oftentimes he seems to suffer from extreme paranoia.”   Joseph’s mother said she was at the Allen police station when her scared and frantic son called her again.   “I was actually talking to a police officer when he called me for the last time,” the mother tells the Star-Telegram. “I was trying to find out where he was. I asked the cop if he could trace the call. I told him, ‘Jestin, I love you.’ He was just like, ‘Mama, people are after me. People are after me.’”   She expressed gratitude to God that no one was hurt.   “I would have never in a million years thought he would have gone to that point,” she said. “I know that same spirit that grabbed a hold of his dad and took his dad mentally, grabbed Jestin. I could hear that with Jestin, in the things he was saying.”   1005955_567650226618782_541369879_n

Here’s surveillance video of the incident from Fort Worth police via YouTube:




High School Forces Student To Remove ‘Duck Dynasty’ Shirt Because It Was Deemed ‘Threatening’

posted by staff

0Silas “Uncle Si” Robertson giving a presentation at a local elementary school

A Virginia high school wasn’t “happy, happy, happy” with a “Duck Dynasty” t-shirt one student wore to class recently.

According to WWBT-TV, Dinwiddie High School forced Hunter Spain to remove his shirt that pictured Si Robertson with the words “I Will Hurt You Physically and Metaphysically” because it was deemed too “threatening.”


“For this to be considered a threat to the school, I couldn’t understand it,” Edna-Jo Spain, the student’s mother, told WWBT.

Uncle Si “I Will Hurt You Physically and Metaphysically” T-shirt

The school reportedly told Spain to either turn the shirt inside-out or go home to get a new one.

“I’m not going to look stupid in front of all these young ladies in the school,” the student told WWBT. “So I decided to get a different t-shirt.”

The school stands by its decision, saying the shirt could be misconstrued to those that don’t watch the popular reality show.

“If you are a ‘Duck Dynasty’ fan you understand the meaning of the shirt,” David Clark, the school’s superintendent, told WWBT. “But if you haven’t watched ‘Duck Dynasty’ you may question if the shirt implies violence. As a school division, we would like to keep our slogans on student shirts as non-violent as possible.

The Spains, who are huge fans of the show, will be taking part next year in a “Ducky Dynasty” cruise.

a7cedd726782e6571320ade67b45b0cc“Uncle Si” quotes that seem fitting for this story.

The reality show has been a smash hit for A&E, as the Season 4 premiere became the number one nonfiction series telecast in cable history with 11.8 million viewers.




by Dustin Hoyt (guest writer)

The United States has seen two horrific shootings on military bases in recent years that have left civilians and soldiers dead, shot and killed inside of U.S. military installations at the hands of psychopaths possessing firearms.


The question has been asked: What can be done to stop these attacks?

Many people will jump to conclusions, as they do with every mass shooting, and say that guns are the problem. They will claim that as long as guns are easily accessible there will always be mass shootings and gun culture that propagate violence.

Another group of people will claim that every living person should have a gun in their hand so they can defend themselves and that should be the end of it.


So far as actions go, the U.S. has seen politicians say “they are looking into it” and “Gun Control is needed”.

In the interest of actually saving lives at these military installations, here are two solutions that can be agreed upon by the majority of the American people:

1. Repealing Department of Defense (D.O.D.) directive 5210.56 which states:

“The authorization to carry firearms shall be issued only to qualified personnel [on military bases] when there is a reasonable expectation that life and D.O.D. assets will be jeopardized if firearms are not carried.”

and replace it with something more like:

“The authorization to carry semi-automatic sidearms shall be issued to military personnel above the grade of E-5 at all U.S. military installations and properties, exempting those areas where firearms can be hazardous such as ordinance storage, weapons facilities, and nuclear facilities.”

With this policy change, the number of firearms to trusted military personnel would go up and therefore there would be no “hunting ground” for an armed psychopath at U.S. military installations. Since the firearms would only go to enlisted men who have been in the military for, on average, four or five years, and officers, there would be little to no concern of the quality of men carrying the firearms.

This change would be the end of mass murders on U.S. military installations by firearms as any threat of such violence would be met with an overwhelming presence of violence, thus discouraging such action or at the very least ending it much quicker with less casualties.

This solution would also receive bipartisan support in the legislature, if they should take it up, because who better qualified to defend themselves than the people who defend this country?

About Dustin Hoyt

Dustin Hoyt is the host of the America Our Way Radio Show and is the administrator of America Our Way (facebook page) He has a B.A. in Broadcasting from Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) where he minored in Political Science.



The Rancher and the Lawyer

posted by staff


A big city lawyer went quail hunting in West Texas. He shot and dropped a bird, but it fell into a pasture on the other side of the fence. As the lawyer climbed over the fence, a crusty old rancher rode up and asked him what he was doing.

The attorney responded, “I shot a quail. It fell into this field, and now I’m going to retrieve it.” The old rancher retorted, “This is my property, and you are not coming over here.” The indignant lawyer said, “I am one of the best trial attorneys in the United States, and if you don’t let me have that quail, I’ll sue you and take everything you own.” TommyHenderson

The old rancher smiled and said, “Apparently you don’t know how we settle disputes in Texas. We settle small disagreements with the ‘Three Kicks Rule’.” The lawyer asked, “What is the ‘Three Kicks Rule’?” The rancher replied, “Well, because the dispute is occurring on my land, I get to go first. I kick you three times, then you kick me three times, and so on back and forth until one of us gives up.”


The attorney quickly thought about the proposed contest and figured he could easily take the old geezer. He agreed to abide by the local custom. The old rancher slowly climbed down from his horse and walked up to the attorney. His first kick planted the toe of his cowboy boot right into the lawyer’s groin and dropped him to his knees. His second kick, to the belly, doubled the lawyer over, gagging for air. The lawyer was on hands and knees when the rancher’s third kick, to his rump, sent him face first into a fresh cow patty.


The lawyer summoned every bit of his willpower and managed to struggle to his feet. Wiping his face with the arm of his jacket he said, “Okay, you old fool. Now it’s my turn.” The old rancher grinned and answered, “Nah, I give up. You can have the quail!”

Then he drove away, leaving the stunned big city lawyer speechless for the first time in his life.




The Texan Cowboy in the South Dakota Saloon

Author Unknown


The Texas cowboy rode into the town of Deadwood, South Dakota. He stopped at a saloon for a drink. Unfortunately, the locals always had a habit of picking on strangers, which he was. When he finished his drink, he found his horse had been stolen.


He goes back into the bar, handily flips his gun into the air, catches it above his head without even looking and fires a shot into the ceiling.

“WHICH ONE OF YOU SIDEWINDERS STOLE MY HOSS?” he yelled with surprising forcefulness.


No one answered.20130905_185216_resized__08449.1378869953.1280.1280



Some of the locals shifted restlessly. He had another beer, walked outside, and his horse is back.


The bartender wanders out of the bar and asks, “Say partner, before you go … what happened in Texas?”


The cowboy turned back and said, “I had to walk”.



Texas Man Announces He is Michelle Obama’s Son

posted by staff

Johnnie Gooden Jr., a 29 year old African-American man, announced that he is the recently adopted son of first lady Michelle Obama.  Gooden walked into a Chase bank in Bryan, Texas and tried to access Michelle Obama’s bank account claiming she recently adopted him via Facebook.

michelle-obama angry
Michelle Obama

Presentation1Chase bank went on to inform Mr. Gooden that Michelle Obama did not have an account with them and called the authorities reporting a suspicious customer “attempting to access an account under Michelle Obama’s name.”

Gooden was quickly arrested and now resides in the Brazos County Jail.  According to Bryan Police Department, Gooden had multiple outstanding warrants for resisting arrest and assault on a public servant.

As of this posting, Michelle Obama has not commented on her newly adopted “son”.

In a pre-released media talking points memo, President Obama is expected to say that “If he had a son, he’d probably look a lot like Johnnie.” (ok, that was a joke) 🙂

Seriously, though, do you really think that you can try to post as the “adopted first son” and steal money from the first lady’s bank account in Texas? Seriously? Something tells me that this guy didn’t graduate from the local university.

Share your thoughts on this in the comments below.




The Ghosts In My Life

by Julia Robb

Reading one of my novels will take you on a ride through a supernatural theme park.

That might seem odd because neither novel is about the supernatural.

Scalp Mountain is an historical novel set on the Texas frontier in 1876.

Saint of the Burning Heart is about relationships between Anglos and Hispanics in 1960’s Texas (and an obsessive romance).

But in Scalp, Texas Ranger Captain William Henry witnesses the angel of death, and in Saint, a character watches his dead parents fight.

My characters experienced these events for one simple reason.

Because supernatural events happen to me.

You can’t separate the writer from the writing.

I’ve told a few people my stories and they say things like, “Well, sweetie, you are a novelist.”

Okay. Decide for yourself because I’m writing three blogs about supernatural events occurring in my life.

The blogs will run on The Heart of Texas Blog for three weeks, beginning today.

My longest brush with the supernatural (time-wise) happened when I was living in a 100-year-old townhouse in Frederick, Maryland (where I was working for a newspaper).

It was a two-story, red-brick job with a front stoop opening on a busy urban street.


For the first three years, everything was quiet.

Then one night I lay in bed reading and heard someone pacing the floor at the foot of my bed and breathing…loudly.

At first, I thought the sound must be coming from somewhere else in the house, or from outside.

Maybe it was a distant condenser, or…I didn’t know.

I explored the whole house; even the dark closets, even under the guest room bed.


I went down to the basement. You had to go outside and down a set of rickety steps to get there and that place was scary at night.

Think cobwebs and dirt floor.


So I walked around the back yard, then the street in front, then put my ear to the wall separating my town house from the adjoining townhouse.


Convinced it was my imagination, I went back upstairs and got in bed.

There you go. The spirit, damn his eyes, began pacing again, and breathing.

This spirit had to be a man.

Do women pace? Do women stalk?Image

I was terrified.

Tucking my head under the covers, I prayed, “God, please make this thing go away.”

It didn’t leave.

One morning I sat in my kitchen eating cereal and that spirit walked right up to me and breathed in my face.

I could hear him. It was disgusting.

Prayer must have worked because after three weeks, the presence disappeared.

But it didn’t leave altogether.

One evening, I had a friend to dinner.

I had a feeling I shouldn’t talk about the ghost, but a good story is a good story so I told my friend about the spirit.

My friend left and I went upstairs to bed.

I was so shocked at what I saw my heart began pounding.

A framed painting, which usually hung beside my bed, sat neatly on the floor, its back against the wall.

The painting was encased in a heavy plaster frame weighing several pounds.

Nothing was wrong with the hanger holding the frame on the wall.

Somebody had taken that painting down and leaned it against the wall, and that person wasn’t me.

My opinion: The ghost wanted me to know he heard me talking about him and yes, indeed, he did live in the house.


One night I was cutting a photo to fit a frame, but was using my manicure scissors because my big scissors were missing.

Bang! The television in my upstairs study clicked on, blaring all over the house.

I hadn’t watched TV for days.

I grabbed an iron skillet and ran upstairs to brain the intruder. Nobody was there. But my big scissors lay on the TV stand.

ImageI’m not sure who was responsible for helping me find the scissors, but I don’t think it was the house ghost.

He never seemed that friendly.

Maybe my guardian angel helped me find the scissors.

I called out, to whoever it was, “Thank you.”

Nobody answered.

Julia’s website is not quite finished, but you can find it at juliarobb.com and read about her books. Julia also has written several novels which can be purchased by clicking here.


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