About Us

I Am A Texan all started with a fan page while two men were homesick for the promise land-Texas, during their deployment to Afghanistan. Jon Williams and Mike Cousineau were determined to express their innate “Texan-ness” while being deployed, and the Facebook page seemed like the perfect outlet. After a lengthy deployment Jon, along with his wife decided to expand I Am A Texan to the website it is today, with the dreams that it will be the go-to web destination for Texans everywhere.

There are many outlets promoting commerce, but very few that are Texans promoting Texans. IAmATexan.com was designed to address this exact issue. We developed the website in hopes that Texans and Texas businesses connect with one another in a friendly and dynamic fashion.

Jon’s love for Texas can be tracked back 6 generations – all the way to the Alamo. Coincidentally, his family’s military service and the love for their country go all the way back to the War of 1812. Serving five years in the United States Army himself, he is now working in defense out of El Paso, Texas. Jon holds a Bachelors degree from the University of North Texas and is currently pursuing his Masters from Texas A&M. Many Central Texans from around the Waco area are familiar with his voice, as he worked as a broadcaster in both radio and television at KXXV News 25 Waco, KPLE TBN Killeen, 88.9 KSUR and 89.9 KBDE Waco. Naturally, Jon was looking for his perfect Texas sweetheart, but God had different plans. After returning home from yet another deployment, fate stepped in and Jon met his wife at a Braves game in Atlanta, Georgia. It was not far after that they were married and Kasha was living the Texas life.

In a time of political and economic concern, America is thirsty for domestic commerce. A documentary Jon watched a few years ago stated that if every American would spend just $100 per year on American made goods, American jobs could be created for about three million people. I Am A Texan’s vision is that economic revolution can happen right here in Texas. With the help of fellow Texans our vision can come to life.


Now that you know more about us, we hope that you will catch the vision we have to help Texan-owned businesses connect with Texas consumers. We thank you for your visit to our website, and hope that we can exceed your expectations on a daily basis.

Winston was born on September 7th, 2012. We are proud of our handsome little Texan, and want him to grow up in the greatest state in the greatest nation in the world.

Thank you for your support of I Am A Texan!

The Williams Family
Winston, Kasha, and Jon


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. So happy to meet y’all!!…especially new little Winston!! Continued blessings on the three of you!!! I am a Texan, born and bred, currently living in what was Old Greer County Texas, now SW Oklahoma. I am trying to get back to my roots in San Antonio(No ‘E’!, ha!) where currently there are 5 generations of my family living. I just want to thank you for this wonderful site and to let you know how very much I enjoy it and appreciate y’all for keeping it going!! \
    Gig ’em!!!

  2. Good to know that you guys are carrying on the traditions and values of your forefather Texans. I am a 7th generation Texan, but I can’t trace anyone to the Alamo. Since my family all comes from North Texas and the Panhandle, I imagine they all came in after the Civil War. I envy you your heritage!

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